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Here you will find a mom sharing her rocky start to motherhood.  Here you will find someone who experienced Postpartum Anxiety with all three of her kids.  Here you will find an imperfect mom, woman, daughter, sister, friend, and colleague. Most importantly, here you will find Grace - from me as a fellow mom but especially from Jesus - who Loves you despite all the reasons you try to tell yourself He wouldn't.  He sees you as you are, and you are already enough for Him to Love.

Here you will also find encouraging words and scripture, because I love to practice calligraphy and handlettering!  I'm not a very creative person naturally but I have been teaching these skills to myself for the last couple of years and I just love to share the things that bring me joy, hope and encouragement.  By sharing these creations I hope to remind everyone that no matter how uncreative you think you are, there is some kind of artist in all of us - don't be afraid to find it!

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