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Seeking Common Ground

I'm sure a lot of people start their blogs saying this, but I never would have thought that I would ever want to write a blog.  There are two reasons for this - I haven't always been the biggest fan of blogs and I never imagined I would get to a point in my journey that I would willingly share chapters of my story that are not particularly pretty.

You see, most of the people who know me would likely describe me using words like steady, simple, genuine, quiet, kind, empathetic, an introvert, etc.  I don't say those words because I'm trying to toot my own horn at all but simply to describe how "pretty" my life has likely appeared to people.  Personally, I would use the word average as the word that most accurately sums my life up.  Until I became a mother my life was borderline boring - I'd never been rebellious (just ask my parents and siblings), I hadn't suffered great loss in my life (to this day I'm blessed to still have both sets of grandparents present in my life), and I kept to myself in most social situations (unless I was at Camp...than my inner extrovert willingly came out in excessive force, LOL).  I married my one-and-only boyfriend after dating for 4 years, graduated from Bible College, moved to Saskatoon, and started my preferred career within 2 years of graduating.  Using the word boring is not to say that I haven't loved my life - on the contrary, I've loved almost every single minute of it and wouldn't trade a minute of it!  It also isn't to say that it has ever been perfect - but even with the imperfections of it I have always been blessed.

Than motherhood happened.  And my life has been filled with moments that I never could have predicted - the highest highs but also a lot of very low lows.  It has changed me in more ways than I could ever attempt to describe.  This is a natural reaction to something as transformative as becoming a mother, but so much of it actually felt quite unnatural for me.   And that is where my story began to be not-so-simple and not-so-pretty.  I can only say that without my Faith, without my Saviour, my life could have taken a very serious turn for the worst - instead Jesus has been leading me through the storms by providing me with a supportive family, wonderful friends and a Faith that I cannot claim comes from my own strength.

I recently gave birth to my third baby (a perfect boy after two perfect girls) and since I know without a doubt that my family is now complete, it seems that all of my feelings and thoughts about these last 6 years are begging to spill out of me.  And so despite my massive fears of putting all of this out there, I am going to trust in this overwhelming need to share and put myself out there.

I'm hoping that this blog becomes a tool - something that can help mothers that I know (and maybe even don't know) find some common ground about the reality that is motherhood and womanhood.  There will definitely be times that I write about things that only mothers may understand, but I hope that I can also share things that all women (and men too!) can understand, can empathize with, can find some kindred companionship with.

So thanks for joining me so far, and thanks in advance for reading whatever mumbo-jumbo ends up here.  I hope that it will at the very least be interesting, but ultimately I hope it will be a blessing.

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